About This Interest Group

Interest Group Committee Members

The Information Technology Interest Group (IT IG) is a subset of the CPCU Society, composed of individuals working in all areas of the insurance industry who have a keen interest in the use of technology in insurance.

Our goal is to connect insurance and IT professionals to focus on trends and issues at the intersection of business and technology. We tap the knowledge, experiences, expertise, and opinions of our membership as well as IT tools. Because technology affects nearly every area of insurance, the IT IG has established an agenda to provide a committee liaison for every other IG and explore ways that we can support their agendas; provide resources for seminars, webinars, and other initiatives; and still maintain our identity as the technology arm of the CPCU Society.

The IT IG frequently partners with CPCU Society chapters, other IGs, and individuals to support IT-related topics for presentations and webinars provided through the CPCU Society. The IT IG maintains a social presence on LinkedIn where we share articles on current and emerging technology and discuss how they impact insurers.